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How do I sign up for LiveJournal?

To join thegreatbreak, you must first create an account at To do so, simply click here and follow the instructions on the page.

How do I join the community?

To join The Great Break, click here, or join manually by going to the Great Break’s userinfo. Then, click the available hyperlink and confirm your choice to join the community. You’ll be asked if you wish to "watch" this community, otherwise known as
add this community to your friends list. You can change this option at any time, by modifying your friends list.

Why can’t I read any entries in the community?

All entries in this community are friends-only (friend-locked, or flocked). Membership to the community allows you to see all of these friends-only posts. 

                 I've joined. Why can’t I read any entries in the community?

                 After joining, remember to sign in. All entries should be visible.

I can see introductions and random posts. Where's the Fanfiction? 

A fanfiction archive is in the works at; To read fanfiction here, you can go to user info page of thegreatbreak, where a few links are listed. Among them, there are Fic Recommendations (where you will find fanfiction recommended by the members) and New Stories (which are stories written by members themselves). Or, you can check out the Memories, and find the links to fanfiction from there. Meanwhile, you can check each member author's individual profile page at several other archives, such as, and

What is the community all about?

thegreatbreak was formed after the arbitrary deletion of several fanfictions from the servers. Many authors then decided to build a new, somewhat friendlier archive.

Where is the new archive?

We estimate that, by the end of August, our archive will be hosted here ( - for short).

Who runs the community?

The nine Moderators -- Dede (</a></a>nitwitinperil  - Solarism), Sarina (</a></a>sarinileni - Sarinileni), Lynn (</a></a>likeatuesday - Y. Kuang), Holly (</a></a>uswigo - everblue3), Jenna (</a></a>silverspinner - Silverspinner), Erin (</a></a>erak10 - erak), </a>moon_dancing - Missers), Christy (</a></a>christycorr - Christy Corr) and Runi (</a></a>firstlightofeos - Eos) -- currently run the community as well as the archive.


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         || (Fansites) - Mugglenet|Lexicon|The Leaky Cauldron|HPANA|Godric's Hollow|Immeritus||

         || (Related Communites) - hourglassawards|daily_snitch||

         || JK Rowling's Official Site||


Need any more help? Email the Mods at


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