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The Great Break

Dear friends,

We're, obviously, thegreatbreak. If you don't know who we are or what we do, you've clearly been under a rock.

We're creating a Harry Potter fanfiction archive. Go us. All entries are friends only, so you'll have to join to read.

*cough* Dede loves Holly, Chris, Runi, Missy, Jenna, Sarina, Erin, and Lynn. *cough*
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This is a great idea and I totally support it. FF.net has wronged writers for to long and I am glad someone is finally taking a stand! I fear for other great stories out there and i think it is complete cr** that FF.net can just delete a story with out any regard as to read it or consider how poplar or great it may be. To tell you the truth I am disguised in ff.net and when May come you can bet I will be reposting my story and any my upcoming stories. And if you ever need help in forming the web site I will be pleased to help. IM me if you ever need help.
i'd like to say a huge thank you to solarism/dede for planning this website so we can finally be treated fairly and not be forced to risk deletion all the time because of a crappy administration system. thank you for opening my eyes.

as to who i am, my name's adriane, i'm 16 and french ( living in this lost little village in the middle of france ) but always write in english *wonders why...* and have two L/J fictions on fanfiction.net. as soon as the end of May comes, you can count me in your project. i feel so disgusted towards ff.net and supportive of your cause that i'm very much looking forward to leaving ff.net completely. who cares about the reviews ? and what kind of place will ff.net be once all the good authors are gone ? once all the good stories are deleted ?

i think ff.net has forgotten one thing : if we weren't there, they wouldn't be there either. if they didn't have those 184 000 stories that we wrote, where would they be ? Oh sure, more than enough writers will not follow this cause, don't even know that it's taking place and action, and will stay at ff.net. but anyone with a decent open mind, who's somewhat conscious of what's going on, will follow this movement ( may they leave ff.net completely or not ). as you said, the writing quality at ff.net is declining sharply. and it's going to keep declining. once the good authors have moved elsewhere, who will bother with ff.net anymore ? i know all this may seem farfetched and not achievable on a short-term basis, but i think that's what might eventually happen.

i sincerely believe in the success of The Great Break and i'm right behind you. I haven't forgotten that you're doing this primarily for a better writing community and not to get back at ff.net. all of the above was just going through my mind...

Viva la revolution, as they say.

Much love,
- Adriane
Lovely put. <--- Which doesn't make sense now I think of it.

What I meant was... Hmm... That I lovely you dearly and that I still think Dede/Tim is the way to go but this really isn't a time to be silly Although I'm not famous, or recognised much, just a humble one-shot HP writer, though with novel anime's on the net, I cannot do much to grab people but will help with ideas and anything else. For I feel I know you quite well, and I would do anything for you ...Except aknowledging the lack of Dede/Tim in reality

Lots of love because you will need it in the months to come,

I just wanna say I totally respect what your doing. This community is really starting to take off. You should be proud!


April 22 2005, 01:43:19 UTC 12 years ago

I agree with this it is so wrong that they just took out the stories they should makes highier ratings then I cant wait for the end of May so I can so this new website! Im a reader/reviewer I dont write cause I suck but I love Lily and James storys I also got mad after they said Lust or Love was to much well I cant wait

aka apotterlover


May 6 2005, 06:27:28 UTC 12 years ago

I agree with you. While I'm not as angry as you guys seem to be and I can't exactly put myself in your shoes (I haven't had anything deleted yet)I certainly agree about the quality going down. Two of my favourite stories have been deleted recently, one because of song lyrics that the author hadn't had time to edit out and the other for being a non-story (don't know how they got that impression). Fanfiction.net has some unfair policies about deleting stories, but they're not as Nazi-ish about stories as they are at Mugglenet FF. There's one thing I do not agree with though. If there is no censorship on the website, then the writing quality WILL decline until it is worse than ff.n. The good thing about it is some stories that were inappropriate (I'm only referring to stories that are NC-17 under a G-rating and those that are so horrid in the spelling, grammar etc department that they cannot be read) were deleted. Many good author's stories have been removed, but it works both ways. I know you guys will probably come after me with pitchforks with this, but I don't think this is the perfect solution, because you will be creating a fanfiction.net without censorship, meaning that you will get terrible stories as well as good ones. Whether or not I join the movement is up in the air, but I will consider it.

Struggling writer.

The obvious.


May 7 2005, 18:36:43 UTC 12 years ago

I completely agree. Though none of my stories have been deleted (at least, to my knowledge), and though I am a younger and less educated writer, I believe that the injustice must stop. Fanfiction has been somewhere I go after school to read a good fic, and forget my troubles; lately, I've found myself searching the website in hopes of finding a DECENT fic to read because most of my favorite stories have been deleted for reasons unknown. But now, the reasons ARE known; FF.net has clearly displayed their ignorance towards fanfiction writers and their rights. Maybe they think we're talking this too seriously; but maybe they're not taking it serious enough. We deserve better treatment.

Well, now that my rants done, I might as well introduce myself. I have no LJ account, so this is anonymous, I apologize for the inconvenience. But anyway. My name's Kim and I am currently xSnickersx on ff.net. You probably don't know me; I've only officially written two one-shots, and they're pretty terrible, if I might say. Either way, my friends and I are also thinking of starting a new website instead of ff.net to go to. We'll keep you posted if you're interested!

Count me in...


May 9 2005, 07:02:09 UTC 12 years ago

Apparantly, my stories were deleted, because 'It didn't belong to me'

Funny, I thought they did. I mean I spent AGES working on my Hogwarts Idol fic and also Lifetime Sorrows. I'm giving fanfiction one more chance since I'm nice. Yep, they delete 2 of my stories and I am still going to give them one more chance. Therefore, I am weird. Well, when you DO break away completely, COUNT ME IN! I'm tired of having to listen to everybody. Yep, count me in...

xXxthe coldness of lovExXx



May 11 2005, 23:39:07 UTC 12 years ago

I support you all fully, and thank you for doing this, and when I'm ready, I'll definetly join your ranks. Until then, I encourage you from a distance!
You guys have done something wonderful for any writer out there who has seen their hard work disappear. I didn't realize how much these writers had lost until it happened to me really - as melodramatic as it sounds, and i can't wait until you guys have your website up.
All I have to say, is that I fully support this movement and I hope that it grows until we can assure everyone freedom of expression without censorship.
sorry, i'm new to this whole livejournal thing, i just used to read deconstruct at ffn.net and thought it was awful what they did to you guys... so i was wondering, how do i join the community? my e-mail is alafemmefatale@gmail.com and if you could let me know, i'd be really greatful... thanx!
SQUEE! Hearts you too, Dede.
Do we have to post stories if we join?
Nope. Not at all.


12 years ago

hey i read most of the stories on fanfiction and was wondering how i am able to read the stories on the website if anyone can help me .. i am already a member of livejournal if that helps i dont know..
Hi. Please e-mail tgbsubmods@gmail.com explaining and they will respond ASAP to help you.